User Acceptance Policy

At Digital Web Frame we observe an Acceptable Usage Policy to preserve the integrity and performance of our services. This Policy is written deliberately in English for easy interpretation and understanding. Our policies are fair and more generous than those of our opponents. Nonetheless, we still maintain an Acceptable User Policy to safeguard our services for you and other clients. Violation of this Policy will lead to account termination or suspension without refund.

  1. Piracy, Spam, Warez and Illegal Activities. Digital Web Frame prohibits illegal activities in any of its services. These activities include but are not limited to unrequested commercial email, spam, hosting warez, hacking and piracy. Digital Web Frame will remain the sole arbitrator in what comprises any of these activities. Violation of any of these will lead to immediate account termination without refund. Digital Web Frame may involve law reinforcement authorities if deemed necessary.

  2. Child Pornography. If Digital Web Frame notices child pornography on any of our services You have, your account will be terminated without refund. We will forward your details to law reinforcement authorities and collaborate with them to charges you.

  3. Service Denial/Hacking/Spoofing/Sniffing. Digital Web Frame does not allow any type of service denial, hacking, spoofing, sniffing, cracking of passwords or similar malicious activities to be executed on or by any of it’s services. Digital Web Frame will remain the sole arbitrator in what constitutes any of these activities. Violation of any of these activities will lead to immediate termination without refund. Digital Web Frame may involve law enforcement authorities if deemed necessary.

  4. Restoration of Backup.Restoration of data of a cancelled or suspended account that was suspended or cancelled due to payment will incur a charge of ksh. 2000/= per incident for all inquiries or support. Expired or cancelled accounts data are kept for 15 days after expiry, however we do not guarantee the actual length of availability of data after account expiry.

  5. Reseller Web Hosting and Shared Hosting Services. To ensure and maintain security and integrity on our shared server services, Digital Web Frame observes strict resource usage restrictions . Violation of these may lead to account suspension or termination without refund.
    1. The maximum number of emails sent from all emails of a domain is 200 emails per hour.
    2. No single account should use more than 25% of system resources for 60 seconds or more.
    3. Each account is not allowed to open more than 5,000 files at any moment (the limit does not apply to overall number of existing files, owned by the account)
    4. Digital Web Frame strictly prohibits running stand-alone, daemons/unattached server side processes on shared servers.
    5. Web spider / indexer (Google Cash / Ad Spy) are strictly not allowed on our shared servers.
    6. P2P application/ torrent are strictly not allowed on our server
    7. No more than 5 simultaneous cron scripts should be set up. Only cron scripts with intervals of more that 15 minutes will be allowed.
    8. Running of public file sharing services is strictly not allowed.

  6. Disk Usage. The inodes limit for each account(domain) is 250000 inodes. 1 inode = 1 file. Automatic weekly backups of data occupying more than 20 Gbytes of space per account will not be done. Data backups initiated by the user from the cpanel are intended to be transfered elsewhere and should not be kept under account’s directory more than 14 days.

  7. Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server Hosting Services. On Digital Web Frame’s VPS and Dedicated Servers, we have strict resource usage restrictions. These is to maintain the integrity, security and performance of our servers. Violation of these restrictions may lead to account suspension or termination without refund.
    1. Running any type of web spider / crawler /indexer (Google Cash / Ad Spy) is strictly not allowed
    2. Bit-torrent / P2P application are strictly not allowed.
    3. Running of public file exchange services is strictly not allowed

  8. Viruses: Intentional replication or transmission of code that has a detrimental effect, such as destroying data or corrupting the system is strictly not allowed and may lead to account suspension or termination

  9. Copyrights: Violation of Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret, or Intellectual Property Right: Distribution as well as posting of copyrighted or the aforementioned infringements will not be allowed.

  10. Fraud: Wrongfully or deceptive action meant to provide personal gain or financial gain is strictly prohibited.

  11. Collection of personal data: Use of the Digital Web Frame service to collect, or attempt to collect, personal information about third parties without their knowledge or consent is strictly not allowed.

  12. E-mail Spoofing: Sending email messages with a forged sender address or any message header, in part or whole, from Digital Web Frame services is infringing upon this policy.

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